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Thymidine 2'-hydroxylation in Neurospora crassa.
Abstract An enzyme preparation catalyzing the 2'-hydroxylation of thymidine was prepared from mycelial extracts of Neurospora crassa strain STA 4 (FGSC 262A) by chromatography on hydroxylapatite andExpand
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Thymine 7-hydroxylase from Neurospora crassa. Substrate specificity studies.
A partially purified preparation of thymine 7-hydroxylase (thymine, 2-oxoglutarate : oxygen oxidoreductase (7-hydroxylating), EC from Neurospora crassa was incubated with a number ofExpand
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Oxygenases involved in thymine and thymidine metabolism inNeurospora crassa
A number of enzyme-catalyzed oxygenations have been disclosed during the last 15 yr but the reaction mechanisms are still incompletely understood. In the case of the 2-ketoglutarate-dependentExpand
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On the metabolic role of thymidine 2′‐hydroxylase (thymidine, 2‐oxoglutarate: Oxygen oxidoreductase, EC in Neurospora crassa
The 2’.hydroxylation of thymidine was first described by Shaffer et al. [2] in the course of a study of thymine metabolism in cell extracts from a NeurOSpOrQ crassa strain. The product of thisExpand
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