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Evaluation and Extensions of a Structural Equation Modeling Approach to the Analysis of Survival Data
The purpose of the current research is to evaluate the statistical performance of the model as presented by Pickles and colleagues, and to expand and evaluate the model in more applications, including both genetically informative data and other multivariate examples.
Social contact, social attitudes, and twin similarity
Investigation of the nature of the relationship between social contact and attitude similarity between twins suggests that attitude similarity leads to contact among the females and that similarity is both genetically and environmentally based.
Development of Phenotyping Algorithms for the Identification of Organ Transplant Recipients: Cohort Study (Preprint)
BACKGROUND Studies involving organ transplant recipients (OTRs) are often limited to the variables collected in the national Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients database. Electronic
Behavior Genetics Association 45th Annual Meeting Abstracts
Genetic and environmental influences on motives for leisure-time physical activity in Finnish twins are studied.