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[Manifestation of the neurotoxic effect of the organochlorine pesticide hexachlorobutadiene in the postnatal period of ontogeny in the rat].
Daily peroral administration of chlororganic pesticide hexachlorobutadiene in doses 8.1 mg/kg (1/20 LD50) to pregnant rats results in certain ultrastructural changes of neurocytes and myelin fibersExpand
[Delayed neurotoxic action of a new fungicide aphos].
It has been established that administration of aphos to chickens within a wide dose range (3000-25 mg/kg) produces a retarded neurotoxic action that is manifested by the development of ataxia,Expand
[Placental histogenesis and the cardiotoxic effect in rat progeny under the influence of the synthetic pyrethroid Decis].
A study is presented of the placenta histogenesis and development of cardiotoxic effect in rat progeny under the effect of the synthetic pyrethroid decis. The drug was introduced to pregnant animalsExpand
Chechen Doctors During The Great Patriotic War
[Manifestations of the neurotoxicity of the organochlorine pesticide dilor during the postnatal period in the rat].
When pregnant rats are administered chlororganic pesticide dilor, certain ultrastructural changes are observed in neurocytes and in myelin fibers, in the spinal cord, that demonstrates some disordersExpand