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The intergenerational transmission of fertility in contemporary Denmark: The effects of number of siblings (full and half), birth order, and whether male or female
Using the Danish Fertility Database, we investigate intergenerational fertility transmission, including the relationship between the number of children born to those aged 25 and 26 years in 1994 andExpand
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Impact of childlessness on life and attitudes towards continuation of medically assisted reproduction and/or adoption
Abstract Infertility and fertility treatment have the potential to impact and disrupt a couple's overall life. In order to study the associations between the impact of childlessness on one's life,Expand
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The Fertility Pattern of Twins and the General Population Compared: Evidence from Danish Cohorts 1945-64
Twin studies provide an important possibility for demographers to analyze patterns of heritability and to estimate structural models with controls for endowments. These possibilities are increasinglyExpand
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Rates of induced abortion in Denmark according to age, previous births and previous abortions
Background: Whereas the effects of various socio-demographic determinants on a woman’s risk of having an abortion are relatively well-documented, less attention has been given to the effect ofExpand
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Socioeconomic Differences in Fetal and Infant Mortality in Scandinavia
This study demonstrates that socioeconomic differences do exist in all three Scandinavian countries, and these differences have implications for perinatal and infant survival. Using parentalExpand
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Infant mortality in Denmark and Sweden. A comparison based on data in two national registries.
OBJECTIVES To study in detail the differences in infant mortality between Denmark and Sweden. STUDY DESIGN Data retrieved from national health registers on infant death rates were compared forExpand
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[Information on parity in the medical registry of births of the National Board of Health. Validation with the help of a new fertility database in Danish Statistics].
Information on parity from the Medical Register of Births kept by The Danish National Board of Health was compared with a parity value calculated with the aid of a new, individual-based FertilityExpand
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