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Innervation of the Anterior and Posterior Levator Muscles of the Fifth Leg of the Crab Carcinus Maenas
In the fifth pair of legs, the anterior levator muscle of the basi-ischiopodite (AL) consists of a dorsal thoracic head (ALd), two closely aligned ventral thoracic heads (ALv) and a small coxal headExpand
Cobalt mapping of neurons with processes in pedal nerves in the pulmonate snailMelampus
This work lays the foundation for the analysis of neuronal control of locomotion by intracellular recording techniques by identifying those regions in the pedal ganglia where neurons with processes in each pedal nerve are to be found. Expand
Haemolytic phospholipase A and nerve-affecting activities of sea anemone nematocyst venom.
Three methods of assaying some physiological effects of nematocyst venoms are described, including a method of Yanagita13 for obtaining extremely pure nem atocysts from sea anemone acontia, and two toxic proteins are isolated. Expand
Neural control of postural muscles in Callianassa californiensis and three other species of decapod crustaceans
Flexor neurons in Upogebia pugettensis and Procambarus clarkii differ from their homologs in Callianassa in physiological properties, in central connections and in peripheral connections. Expand