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The effect of solvent extraction on the lipids of the stratum corneum in relation to observed immediate whitening of the skin
Irritant contact dermatitis along with an increased transepidermal water loss can result from exposing the skin to solvents. A study of the interaction of various solvents with human stratum corneumExpand
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Surfactants and the stratum corneum lipids
Abstract A simplified mixture of model stratum corneum lipids was mixed with different surfactants to make a preliminary estimation of the influence of surfactants on the stratum corneum lipidExpand
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Abstract A model for the structure of the stratum corneum lipids was analyzed using small angle x-ray diffractometry and optical microscopy The small angle X-ray diffractograms showed the lipids toExpand
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Emulsions are not only two liquids
Considerations sur differents types d'emulsion: liquide dans liquide, 2 liquides+particules solides, 2 liquides+des cristaux liquides lyotropes
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The influence of calcium ions and 2-(alkoxy)1-((alkoyloxy)methyl)-ethyl-7-(4-heptyl-5,6)-dicarboxy-2-cyclohexene-1-yl) heptanoate on a simplified model of the stratum corneum lipids
Addition of calcium ions to a lamellar liquid crystal of sodium oleate/oleic acid/water led to crystallization of calcium soap as detected by optical microscopy. Addition of the acid of the titleExpand
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