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Memory in Mice as Affected by Intracerebral Puromycin
The antibiotic, puromycin, caused loss of memory of avoidance discrimination learning in mice when injected intracerebrally. Bilateral injections of puromycin involving the hippocampi and adjacentExpand
Studies on memory: inhibitors of protein synthesis also inhibit catecholamine synthesis.
The rates of accumulation of newly synthesized catecholamines and endogenous catecholamine levels in mice were determined after treatment with cycloheximide, acetoxycycloheximde, puromycin, andExpand
The rate of renewal in woman of the water and sodium of the amniotic fluid as determined by tracer techniques.
Abstract The rate of passage of water and sodium from the maternal circulation to the amniotic fluid has been measured with heavy water and radioactive sodium as the tracer substances. The water ofExpand
The comparative physiology of placental transfer
Abstract The transfer of sodium across the placentas of six different animals at progressive stages of the gestation period has been studied. The rate of transfer of sodium per gram of placentaExpand
Memory in Mice Analyzed with Antibiotics
It is apparent that antibiotics are useful in differentiating different stages in the formation of memory. Puromycin gave the first indication that very early memory can be established and survive,Expand
The permeability of the human placenta to water and the supply of water to the human fetus as determined with deuterium oxide.
Abstract 1. 1. Changes in permeability of the human placenta to water have been measured with deuterium oxide as the tracer material from the fourteenth week of pregnancy until term. There is about aExpand