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A survey of Web cache replacement strategies
This article proposes a classification for Web cache replacement strategies that subsumes prior classifications and describes the advantages and disadvantages of different proposals. Expand
State-of-the-art and future challenges in video scene detection: a survey
In the last 15 years much effort has been made in the field of segmentation of videos into scenes. Expand
Why Java is notmy favorite first-course language
This paper compares the merits of Java and Modula-3 as a firstcourse language for a university-level computer science curriculum. Expand
Content-based processing and analysis of endoscopic images and videos: A survey
In recent years, digital endoscopy has established as key technology for medical screenings and minimally invasive surgery. Expand
What is programming
The question seems superfluous: Programming means writing programs, right? But what are programs? In essence, programs contain a sequence of instructions that produce desired behavior on a Computer.Expand
Keyframe extraction in endoscopic video
We propose a new keyframe extraction approach for this special video domain and show that our method is significantly better than a previously proposed approach. Expand
Visualization of video motion in context of video browsing
We present a new approach for video browsing using visualization of motion direction and motion intensity statistics by color and brightness variations. Expand
VIDEX: an integrated generic video indexing approach
+* *,".* " " %/ . %0 %/ " 1 " 21$"-% "3 " 4 % 5/ "+67 + 89& % : 1$ ;&< " =$" ,= > ;" ? % "-@; % 1;# ) "A*; $*, $ " B * * $ C " D %/ " 1 "0 "E = %/ 1 " F 63"-@; G % 1D 89&A % H 1$ ;&( "-=I" = "B %Expand
The Life Cycle of Multimedia Metadata
CODAC uses distributed systems to implement multimedia processes and ties them together in the life cycle. Expand
Video Browsing Using Interactive Navigation Summaries
A new approach for interactive video browsing is described. A first user study has shown that our approach can significantly outperform standard soft video players - the state-of-the art "poor man's" video browsing tool. Expand