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Charcoal in the Silurian as evidence for the earliest wildfire
Rare basal Pridoli plant fossils, which resemble the rhyniophytoid Hollandophyton colliculum and have exceptional three-dimensional cellular anatomy, are preserved as charcoal. As such, these fossilsExpand
The earliest records of internally stratified cyanobacterial and algal lichens from the Lower Devonian of the Welsh Borderland.
Lichenization is assumed to be a very ancient mode of fungal nutrition, but fossil records are rare. Here we describe two fragments of exceptionally preserved, probably charred, lichen thalli withExpand
Growth and longevity in fishes of the family Scaridae
Systematic check-marks In the sagittal otollths from 6 species of scarids sampled fl-om the Great Bar~ier Reef, Australia, were used to develop size-at-age plots. The species were Chlorurus gibbus,Expand
A vascular conducting strand in the early land plant Cooksonia
THE late Silurian–early Devonian genus Cooksonia, characterized by smooth isotomously branching axes and solitary, terminal sporangia1, has long been regarded as the archetypal vascular plant becauseExpand
Coprolites as evidence for plant–animal interaction in Siluro–Devonian terrestrial ecosystems
A FEW remarkable finds document the colonization of land by animals and plants in the mid-Palaeozoic1–3, but much rarer is unequivocal evidence for plant–animal interaction4,5. Here we announce theExpand
Permanent dyads in sporangia and spore masses from the Lower Devonian of the Welsh Borderland
Dyads, interpreted as cryptospore permanent dyads, are reported from sporangia and spore masses recovered from fluviatile deposits of Lochkovian (Early Devonian) age from the Welsh Borderland. TheExpand
Charcoal in the Early Devonian: A wildfire-derived Konservat–Lagerstätte
Anatomically preserved Earliest Devonian plant mesofossils from a stream section in the Welsh Borderland are quantitatively demonstrated to be charcoal, and are the pyrolysis products of ancientExpand
New perspectives on Cooksonia from the Lower Devonian of the Welsh Borderland
New collections of coalified mesofossils of Cooksonia have been made from a Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) locality in Shropshire, England. They allow detailed description of sporangial anatomy inExpand
Bacterial epibionts and endolichenic actinobacteria and fungi in the Lower Devonian lichen Chlorolichenomycites salopensis.
The charcoalified fragment of the dorsiventrally organized, internally stratified presumed green algal lichen Chlorolichenomycites salopensis from the Lower Devonian Lochkovian strata in the WelshExpand