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Motion of continental slivers and creeping subduction in the Northern Andes
Regions of intense continental deformation, termed continental slivers, have been identified in Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. Analyses of GPS data now identify another large sliver in Peru, the IncaExpand
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Arago Seamount: The missing hotspot found in the Austral Islands
The Austral archipelago, on the western side of the South Pacific superswell, is composed of several volcanic chains, corresponding to distinct events from 35 Ma to the present, and lies on oceanicExpand
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Arabia‐Somalia plate kinematics, evolution of the Aden‐Owen‐Carlsberg triple junction, and opening of the Gulf of Aden
New geophysical data collected at the Aden‐Owen‐Carlsberg (AOC) triple junction between the Arabia, India, and Somalia plates are combined with all available magnetic data across the Gulf of Aden toExpand
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Seismic and aseismic slip on the Central Peru megathrust
Slip on a subduction megathrust can be seismic or aseismic, with the two modes of slip complementing each other in time and space to accommodate the long-term plate motions. Although slip is almostExpand
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Non-steady long-term uplift rates and Pleistocene marine terrace development along the Andean margin of Chile (31°S) inferred from 10Be dating
Pleistocene uplift of the Chilean coast is recorded by the formation of wave-cut platforms resulting from marine erosion during sea-level highstands. In the Altos de Talinay area (~ 31°S), we haveExpand
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Source model of the 2007 Mw 8.0 Pisco, Peru earthquake: Implications for seismogenic behavior of subduction megathrusts
We use Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, teleseismic body waves, tsunami waveforms recorded by tsunameters, field observations of coastal uplift, subsidence, and runup to develop and test aExpand
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Renewed uplift of the Central Andes Forearc revealed by coastal evolution during the Quaternary
Most of the Pacific coast of the Central Andes, between 15°S and 30°S, displays a wide (a couple of kilometres) planar feature, gently dipping oceanwards and backed by a cliff. This morphology,Expand
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Pénétration de la dorsale d'Aden dans la dépression Afar entre 20 et 4 Ma
En domaine marin, les nouvelles donnees bathymetriques multifaisceaux (campagne tadjouraden) soulignent l'obliquite generale de la dorsale et montrent les details des segments en echelon et de laExpand
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Andean coastal uplift and active tectonics in southern Peru: 10Be surface exposure dating of differentially uplifted marine terrace sequences (San Juan de Marcona, ∼15.4°S)
article i nfo Along the San Juan de Marcona Bay of southern Peru, two spectacular sequences of preserved marine terraces record net Quaternary uplift. Previous geomorphic analysis of theseExpand
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