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Ebola and Localized Blame on Social Media: Analysis of Twitter and Facebook Conversations During the 2014–2015 Ebola Epidemic
This study aimed to analyze main groups accused on social media of causing or spreading the 2014–2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa. In this analysis, blame is construed as a vehicle of meaningExpand
Public media communications about H1N1, risk perceptions and immunization behaviours: A Quebec–France comparison
During the H1N1 pandemic, governments tailored their communications plans in order to influence risk perception and promote public compliance with the public health plan measures. Considering theExpand
Blood Libel Rebooted: Traditional Scapegoats, Online Media, and the H1N1 Epidemic
This study of comments posted on major French print and TV media websites during the H1N1 epidemic illustrates the relationship between the traditional media and social media in responding to anExpand
Humanitarian Aid in Post-Soviet Countries: An Anthropological Perspective
1. The First Step 1.1 New York, New York 1.2 Good Governance and HIV 2. The Legacy 2.1 Caucasus and Central Asia 2.2 The HIV/AIDS Epidemic 3. Negotiating Assistance 3.1 Advocacy 3.2 In Search ofExpand
Tracking online heroisation and blame in epidemics
Information Circulation in times of Ebola: Twitter and the Sexual Transmission of Ebola by Survivors
Introduction: The 2013-2015 outbreak of Ebola was by far the largest to date, affecting Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and secondarily, Nigeria, Senegal and the United States. Such an event raisesExpand
State humanitarian verticalism versus universal health coverage: a century of French international health assistance revisited
The French contribution to global public health over the past two centuries has been marked by a fundamental tension between two approaches: State-provided universal free health care and what weExpand
Potential lethal outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among the elderly in retirement homes and long-term facilities, France, March 2020
Motivated by the potential devastating effect of a COVID-19 outbreak in retirement homes and long-term facilities for dependent elderly, we present the impact of worst-case scenarios in FrenchExpand
Influenza, Anthropology, and Global Uncertainties
The response to the novel H1N1 influenza (swine flu) pandemic has been overwhelmingly biological and epidemiological in scope. While plans are moving forward on a vaccine, few of the social effectsExpand
Colonisation, développement, aide humanitaire : pour une anthropologie de l'aide internationale = Colonialism, development and humanitarian aid : towards an anthropology of international aid
Cet article retrace la longue histoire de la recherche concernant l’aide humanitaire, inscrite dans la filiation des etudes anthropologiques sur la situation coloniale, le developpement, la sante et,Expand