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The environmental performance of milk production on a typical Portuguese dairy farm
The activities associated with raw milk production on dairy farms require an effective evaluation of their environmental impact. The present study evaluates the global environmental impactsExpand
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Application of life cycle assessment to the Portuguese pulp and paper industry
Abstract In this paper, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology is applied to Portuguese printing and writing paper in order to compare the environmental impact of the use of two kinds of fuelsExpand
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Environmental performance of a Portuguese mature cheese-making dairy mill
Abstract An environmental assessment was carried out in order to quantify the environmental consequences of the life cycle of mature cheese production from a cradle-to-gate perspective and toExpand
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Environmental life cycle assessment of a dairy product: the yoghurt
PurposeThe dairy sector covers multiple activities related to milk production and treatment for alimentary uses. Different dairy products are available in the markets, with yoghurt being the secondExpand
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Environmental assessment of an urban water system
Abstract The environmental impacts derived from the urban water system of the municipality of Aveiro (Portugal) were analysed in this study using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. InExpand
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Impact of industrial sludge and cattle manure on anaerobic digestion of the OFMSW under mesophilic conditions
This study evaluated the technical feasibility of anaerobic co-digestion of three organic solid wastes under mesophilic conditions: organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), industrialExpand
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Using Life Cycle Assessment methodology to assess UHT milk production in Portugal.
Milk and dairy products constitute an important ingredient in the human diet. Ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk is the main dairy product consumed in Portugal and its production entails large inputsExpand
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Life cycle assessment of pigmeat production: portuguese case study and proposal of improvement options
Abstract The aim of this study was to provide a detailed environmental evaluation of pigmeat production (the second most widely eaten type of meat) in Portugal, using relevant and good quality dataExpand
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Acidogenic Fermentation Towards Valorisation of Organic Waste Streams into Volatile Fatty Acids
Anaerobic acidification of eight organic streams (cheese whey, sugarcane molasses, organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW), glycerol, soapy slurry, winery wastewater, olive mill effluent,Expand
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Life cycle assessment of printing and writing paper produced in Portugal
Goal, Scope and BackgroundThe environmental sustainability is one of the current priorities of the Portuguese pulp and paper industry. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was the methodology chosen toExpand
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