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Assay formats involving acridinium-ester-labeled DNA probes.
We describe the development of several hybridization assay formats involving acridinium-ester-labeled DNA probes. The simplest of these is a homogeneous assay procedure that requires only three stepsExpand
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Determination of the hydride transfer stereospecificity of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide linked oxidoreductases by proton magnetic resonance.
A facile proton magnetic resonance technique is described for the determination of the coenzyme stereospecificity during hydride transfer reactions catalyzed by pyridine nucleotide dependentExpand
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Antineoplastic activity of poly(L-lysine) with some ascites tumor cells.
We have found that poly(L-lysine) can be a very effective agent in preventing the growth of Ehrlich ascites tumors in mice. When given optimal doses of poly(L-lysine) (Mr 60 x 10(3))Expand
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Optimized T7 amplification system for microarray analysis.
Glass cDNA microarray technologies offer a highly parallel approach for profiling expressed gene sequences in disease-relevant tissues. However, standard hybridization and detection protocols areExpand
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Antisense oligonucleotide containing an internal, non-nucleotide-based linker promote site-specific cleavage of RNA.
We have designed and synthesized a series of novel antisense methylphosphonate oligonucleotide (MPO) cleaving agents that promote site-specific cleavage on a complementary RNA target. These MPOsExpand
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Enzyme stereospecificities for nicotinamide nucleotides
This is a summary of 25 years of research on the stereospecificity of pyridine nucleotide-linked dehydrogenases. It records the stereoselectivity of 127 dehydrogenases for pyridine nucleotides.
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Isolation of monoclonal antibodies to phencyclidine from ascites fluid by preparative isoelectric focusing in the Rotofor.
A monoclonal antibody to phencyclidine was developed, produced in mouse ascites fluid, and purified. The purification used only preparative-scale isoelectric focusing in the Rotofor and dialysis. InExpand
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Synthesis and thermodynamics of oligonucleotides containing chirally pure R(P) methylphosphonate linkages.
Methylphosphonate (MP) oligodeoxynucleotides (MPOs) are metabolically stable analogs of conventional DNA containing a methyl group in place of one of the non-bonding phosphoryl oxygens. All 16Expand
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An efficient binding chemistry for glass polynucleotide microarrays.
A variety of methods have been described for making synthetic polynucleotide microarrays. These include in situ synthesis directly on the array surface, for example, by photolithography or ink-jetExpand
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A structure of pyridine nucleotides in solution.
Re-examination of the structure of pyridine coenzymes in solution by use of the 220-MHz high-frequency nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer indicates that there is primarily one folded structureExpand
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