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Mixing Efficiencies in Patchy Turbulence
Abstract The efficiency of mixing in stably stratified systems where the turbulent mixing is confined to intermittent patches is investigated theoretically. It is possible to define two differentExpand
Turnover times for the water above sill level in Gullmar Fjord
Daily hydrographic measurements between 1954 and 1986, monthly environmental monitoring data from the last decades, and high-resolution data from 2001 are combined to obtain statistics on theExpand
Gravity Current Dynamics and Entrainment—A Process Study Based on Observations in the Arkona Basin
Abstract A 19-h time series of dissipation, stratification, and horizontal velocities has been obtained for a dense gravity current flowing into the Arkona Basin in the western Baltic Sea. TheExpand
Persistent inflow of warm water onto the central Amundsen shelf
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is sensitive to ocean warming and contains enough ice to significantly raise sea level. Direct oceanographic measurements in the Amundsen Sea during 2010 show continuousExpand
Variability of Warm Deep Water Inflow in a Submarine Trough on the Amundsen Sea Shelf
The ice shelves in the Amundsen Sea are thinning rapidly, and the main reason for their decline appears to be warm ocean currents circulating below the ice shelves and melting these from below.Expand
Circulation and Modification of Warm Deep Water on the Central Amundsen Shelf
AbstractThe circulation pathways and subsurface cooling and freshening of warm deep water on the central Amundsen Sea shelf are deduced from hydrographic transects and four subsurface moorings. TheExpand
Dynamics of Rotating Shallow Gravity Currents Passing through a Channel. Part I: Observation of Transverse Structure
Abstract A detailed dataset describing a quasi-stationary bottom gravity current, approximately 10 m thick and 10 km wide, passing through a channel-like constriction in the western Baltic Sea isExpand
The rate of inflow and mixing during deep-water renewal in a sill fjord
We obtained high-resolution data on a deep-water renewal in the basin of Gullmar Fjord, Sweden, using an autonomous profiling platform. In the middle of the fjord, where the platform is anchored,Expand
Determination of the piston velocity for water-air interfaces using flux chambers, acoustic Doppler velocimetry, and IR imaging of the water surface
The transport of gasses dissolved in surface waters across the water-atmosphere interface is controlled by the piston velocity (k). This coefficient has large implications for, e.g., greenhouse gasExpand
The Internal Seiches in Gullmar Fjord. Part I: Dynamics
Abstract Internal seiche motions with period 1–3 days in Gullmar Fjord are investigated based on mooring data with high vertical and time resolution. The period and structure of the internal seichesExpand