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Studying sex and gender differences in pain and analgesia: A consensus report
In September 2006, members of the Sex, Gender and Pain Special Interest Group of the International Association for the Study of Pain met to discuss the following: (1) what is known about sex andExpand
Muscle fibre conduction velocity in motor units of the human anterior tibial muscle: a new size principle parameter.
The motor unit conduction velocity was highly correlated to twitch torque, rise time, and half‐relaxation time, indicating that the motor unitConduction velocity can be included in the family of interrelated 'size principle parameters'. Expand
Sensitization in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis
OA patients showed a significant facilitation of temporal summation from both the knee and TA and had significantly less DNIC as compared with controls, and the importance of central sensitization as an important manifestation in knee OA is highlighted. Expand
Evidence for spinal cord hypersensitivity in chronic pain after whiplash injury and in fibromyalgia
Evidence is provided for spinal cord hyperexcitability in patients with chronic pain after whiplash injury and in fibromyalgia patients, which can cause exaggerated pain following low intensity nociceptive or innocuous peripheral stimulation. Expand
Experimental and clinical applications of quantitative sensory testing applied to skin, muscles and viscera.
The background for the different methods, the use in basic pain experiments on healthy volunteers, how they can be applied in drug profiling, and the applications in clinical practice are described. Expand
The change in spatial distribution of upper trapezius muscle activity is correlated to contraction duration.
It was concluded that the changes in spatial muscle activity distribution play a role in the ability to maintain a static contraction. Expand
Electrophysiological and psychophysical quantification of temporal summation in the human nociceptive system
The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the nociceptive reflex, evoked by repetitive strong electrical sural nerve stimuli, increased when summation was reported by the volunteers and to determine the threshold for psychophysical summation. Expand
Recommendations on terminology and practice of psychophysical DNIC testing
This poster presents a meta-modelling procedure called “spot-spot localization analysis” (SLA) which allows for direct measurement of the effects of anesthetics on the tremor and tremor-like symptoms in patients. Expand
The influence of low back pain on muscle activity and coordination during gait: a clinical and experimental study
Clinical and experimental findings indicate that musculoskeletal pain modulates motor performance during gait probably via reflex pathways, and new possibilities to monitor and investigate altered motor performance may help to develop more rational therapies for CLBP patients. Expand
Effects of experimental muscle pain on muscle activity and co-ordination during static and dynamic motor function.
Muscle pain seems to cause a general protection of painful muscles during both static and dynamic contractions, and the increased EMG activity of the muscle antagonistic to the painful muscle is probably a functional adaptation of muscle co-ordination in order to limit movements. Expand