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Relationship Between Drug Absorption Enhancing Activity and Membrane Perturbing Effects of Acylcarnitines
Acylcarnitines with chain lengths of 2 to 18 carbon atoms were tested for their effects on rat intestinal brush border membrane order (S) by fluorescence polarization of 1,6-diphenyl-lExpand
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Formulation and Optimization of a Modified Microporous Cellulose Acetate Latex Coating for Osmotic Pumps
A cellulose acetate (CA) latex was modified for use as a microporous coating for osmotic devices. Potassium chloride core tablets were coated with a CA latex formulation containing a plasticizerExpand
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Use of Modified Ethylcellulose Lattices for Microporous Coating of Osmotic Tablets
Commercially available lattices are often used to coat nonpareils or beads. Drug release occurs via diffusion through the polymer coating. Adequate release rates may be achieved with small particlesExpand
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In vitro characterization and in vivo efficacy of a prostaglandin E2/poly(ortho ester) implant for bone growth promotion
Abstract Prostaglandin E 2 (PGE 2 ) is a known stimulator of bone growth, yet when systemically administered at efficacious levels there are serious side effects. It was hypothesized that localExpand
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Compositions medicamenteuses cristallines multiparticulaires contenant un poloxamere et un glyceride
Composition multiparticulaire destinee a la liberation controlee d'un medicament et comportant un medicament sous forme cristalline, un glyceride presentant au moins un substituant alkylate d'auExpand
Posologies pharmaceutiques comportant un medicament a faible solubilite et un polymere
La presente invention a trait a une posologie comportant un medicament a faible solubilite, et un polymere d'inhibition de precipitation. Le medicament est sous une forme a solubilite amelioree etExpand
Drug dosage form distributed by a hydrogel.
A dosage form controlled release comprising a core and a coating around said core wherein: (a) said core comprises a composition comprising drug and a water-swellable composition, each occupyingExpand
Compositions multiparticulaires a stabilite amelioree
Procede de production de substances multiparticulaires contenant des medicaments et a stabilite amelioree, caracterise par une amelioration de la stabilite chimique, physique et/ou de dissolution.