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Pennsylvanian–Early Triassic stratigraphy in the Alborz Mountains (Iran)
Abstract New fieldwork was carried out in the central and eastern Alborz, addressing the sedimentary succession from the Pennsylvanian to the Early Triassic. A regional synthesis is proposed, basedExpand
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Gondwanan deglaciation and opening of Neotethys: the Al Khlata and Saiwan Formations of Interior Oman
Abstract New stratigraphic, petrographic and paleontological data from the Lower Permian of southeastern Arabia help to elucidate the still debated timing of Neotethys rifting and the climaticExpand
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Permian climatic and paleogeographic changes in Northern Gondwana: the Khuff Formation of Interior Oman
Abstract Detailed stratigraphic, paleontologic, and petrographic data from the Middle Permian Khuff Formation exposed in the Haushi–Huqf area of Interior Oman provide new insight into the PermianExpand
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The Cimmerian geopuzzle: new data from South Pamir
Based on its Permian-Triassic stratigraphic and biotic evolution, we correlate the SE Pamir to the Karakoram terrane, and we consider them equivalent, along with the Central Pamir, to the QiantangExpand
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The Variscan orogeny in Chios (Greece): Carboniferous accretion along a Palaeotethyan active margin
New stratigraphic and structural data on the turbiditic succession of Chios (Volissos turbidites) suggest that this clastic wedge formed during the Early Carboniferous. These turbidites, fedExpand
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The mid-carboniferous to lowermost Permian succession of Spiti (Po Group and Ganmachidam Formation; Tethys Himalaya, Northern India): Gondwana glaciation and rifting of Neo-Tethys
AbstractThe upper Lower Carboniferous to lowermost Permian terrigenous succession of the Spiti Valley can be subdivided into five formations (Thabo Formation, Fenestella Shale, Kabjima Quartzarenite,Expand
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The Permian Pangea. Phytogeographic implications of new paleontological discoveries in Oman (Arabian Peninsula)
This paper focuses on new paleontological discoveries that have come to light while working on a Permian paleobotanical transect, from Oman to Central Morocco. In the Huqf area, the continental plantExpand
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Response of bacterial community during bioremediation of an oil-polluted soil.
AIM To study the response of the bacterial community to bioremediation of a soil with an aged contamination of crude oil. METHODS AND RESULTS The bacterial community in laboratory soil columnsExpand
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Chapter 1: The Evolution of the Tethys Region throughout the Phanerozoic: A Brief Tectonic Reconstruction
Abstract The Tethyan region is a major petroleum province. The paleogeographic position and tectonic history is a major control on sedimentation across the region, and this has influenced theExpand
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The international Permian timescale: March 2013 update
The Subcommission on Permian Stratigraphy is concentrating its efforts to establish the remaining three GSSPs in the Cisuralian as well as refining the Permian timescale for global correlation,Expand
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