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In vitro and in vivo antimalarial and cytotoxic activity of five plants used in congolese traditional medicine.
AIM OF THE STUDY The in vitro antiplasmodial activity and cytotoxicity of methanolic and dichloromethane extracts from five Congolese plants were evaluated. The plants were selected following anExpand
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Thiaminylated adenine nucleotides. Chemical synthesis, structural characterization and natural occurrence
Thiamine and its three phosphorylated derivatives (mono‐, di‐ and triphosphate) occur naturally in most cells. Recently, we reported the presence of a fourth thiamine derivative, adenosine thiamineExpand
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Anti-inflammatory and immunological effects of Centaurea cyanus flower-heads.
Centaurea cyanus flower-heads are used in European phytotherapy for the treatment of minor ocular inflammations. Different pharmacological experiments (inhibition of carrageenan, zymosan and crotonExpand
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Phenolic acid-rich extract of sweet basil restores cholesterol and triglycerides metabolism in high fat diet-fed mice: A comparison with fenofibrate
Abstract Many spices are often added to foods as additives to enhance organoleptic qualities, such as flavor, aroma and color. Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) family of Lamiaceae is widely used inExpand
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Prodelphinidins from Ribes nigrum
Abstract Ribes nigrum leaves yielded three anti-inflammatory prodelphinidins. These compounds were identified and characterized; two known prodelphinidin dimers gallocatechin-(4α→8)-epigallocatechinExpand
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Study of the physicochemical properties in aqueous medium and molecular modeling of tagitinin C/cyclodextrin complexes.
The inclusion complexes of tagitinin C with beta-, 2,6-di-O-methyl-beta- and gamma-cyclodextrin (CyD) was investigated in aqueous medium. The stoichiometric ratios and stability constants (K(f))Expand
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Guianensine, a zwitterionic alkaloid from Strychnos guianensis
The isolation and structural determination of an alkaloid isolated from the stem bark of Strychnos guianensis is described. Elucidation of its structure is based mainly on 1D and 2D NMR studies. TheExpand
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3′,4′,5′,6′ Tetradehydrolongicaudatine Y, an anhydronium base from Strychnos usambarensis
Abstract A new bis indole alkaloid, tetradehydrolongicaudatine Y, has been isolated from the stem bark of Strychnos usambarensis collected from the Ivory Coart. Elucidation of its structure is basedExpand
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FT-IR measurement of tagitinin C after solvent extraction from Tithonia diversifolia.
Tagitinin C, an antiplasmodial compound, identified as one major compound of the subtropical medicinal plant, Tithonia diversifolia, was determined by FT-IR spectroscopy method. The crude etherExpand
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