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Infrared Spectra of UO2, UO2+, and UO2- in Solid Neon
Reactions of laser-ablated uranium atoms, cations, and electrons with O2 during condensation with excess neon produce UO, UO2, UO3, UO2+, and UO2- as characterized by infrared spectra with oxygen
Infrared Spectra of Magnesium Hydride Molecules, Complexes, and Solid Magnesium Dihydride
Laser-ablated Mg atoms react with molecular hydrogen to give magnesium hydrides during condensation in excess hydrogen and neon for characterization by matrix infrared spectroscopy. The observed
Reactions of pulsed-laser evaporated aluminum atoms with oxygen: infrared spectra of the reaction products in solid argon
Reactions of pulsed-laser evaporated Al atoms with O 2 in a condensing argon stram gave cyclic-AlO 2 at 496.3 cm -1 as the major product. In addition sharp new absorptions at 1211.2, 1176.3, and
Quantum mechanical frequencies and matrix assignments to Al2H2
The three lowest lying isomers of Al2H2, the planar dibridged hydrogen D2h form, the planar vinylidene-like C2v form, and the planar monobridged hydrogen Cs form, were examined using high level ab