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Infrared Spectra of UO2, UO2+, and UO2- in Solid Neon
Reactions of laser-ablated uranium atoms, cations, and electrons with O2 during condensation with excess neon produce UO, UO2, UO3, UO2+, and UO2- as characterized by infrared spectra with oxygenExpand
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Formation of unprecedented actinidecarbon triple bonds in uranium methylidyne molecules
Chemistry of the actinide elements represents a challenging yet vital scientific frontier. Development of actinide chemistry requires fundamental understanding of the relative roles of actinideExpand
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Infrared Spectra of Magnesium Hydride Molecules, Complexes, and Solid Magnesium Dihydride
Laser-ablated Mg atoms react with molecular hydrogen to give magnesium hydrides during condensation in excess hydrogen and neon for characterization by matrix infrared spectroscopy. The observedExpand
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Reactions of pulsed-laser evaporated aluminum atoms with oxygen: infrared spectra of the reaction products in solid argon
Reactions of pulsed-laser evaporated Al atoms with O 2 in a condensing argon stram gave cyclic-AlO 2 at 496.3 cm -1 as the major product. In addition sharp new absorptions at 1211.2, 1176.3, andExpand
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Quantum mechanical frequencies and matrix assignments to Al2H2
The three lowest lying isomers of Al2H2, the planar dibridged hydrogen D2h form, the planar vinylidene-like C2v form, and the planar monobridged hydrogen Cs form, were examined using high level abExpand
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