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Identification and partial purification of "transcortin"-like protein within human lymphocytes.
Results show for the first time the existence of cortisol-binding proteins within the human lymphocyte antigenically identical with transcortin. Expand
Protein synthesis in human leukocytes and lymphocytes: 1. Effect of steroids and sterols.
The results presented support the hypothesis that the inhibition of lymphocyte protein synthesis by steroid hormones occurs only when the steroid is bound to a plasma protein. Expand
Placenta, transcortin, and localized immune response.
This purified protein is able to block the phytohemagglutinin response of maternal lymphocytes even more than serum transcortin, and it is postulated that the biological role may be that of inhibiting the maternal cell-mediated immune response to the presence of the antigenic conceptus. Expand
The response of leukemic lymphocytes to cortisol: a suggested role of transcortin.
The results obtained from these experiments indicated that the magnitude of the effect of cortisol on the synthesis of lymphocyte protein was directly related to the transcortin level of the plasma employed. Expand
The inhibitory effect of cortisone on the synthesis of mouse liver DNA.
  • L. Amaral, S. Werthamer
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Life sciences. Pt. 2: Biochemistry, general and…
  • 22 November 1970
Abstract The use of microspectrophotometry, autoradiography and polyploid frequency determinations demonstrated that cortisone, when administered to five week old mice, inhibits the synthesis ofExpand
Identification of breast cancer transcortin and its inhibitory role in cell-mediated immunity
This work has shown that the content of transcortin, the cortisol-binding protein of human plasma, is higher in patients with demonstrable cancer, and attempted to study the relationship of such elevated levels of plasma transcORTin to breast cancer. Expand
Human liver nuclear transcortin. Its postulated role in glucocorticoid regulation of genetic activity.
Results obtained via quantitative double diffusion ouchterlony procedures indicate that proteins extracted from the nucleus or from chromatin form continuous precipitin lines of identity with those of transcortin, which is interpreted to indicate that transcort in is involved directly in the regulation of that genetic activity observed subsequent to the administration of cortisol. Expand
Protein synthesis in human leukocytes and lymphocytes. 4. The effect of cortisol on RNA and protein synthesis in lymphocytes.
Biochemical analysis of parallel cultures demonstrated that a portion of the total decrease of uridine incorporation promoted by cortisol is the result of enhanced degradation of newly synthesized RNA, a process requiring cellular energy. Expand
Pulmonary lesions induced by chronic exposure to ozone. I. Biochemical alterations.
The effect of prolonged and repeated exposure of mice to low levels of ozone was studied and suggested that the effects of ozone, later demonstrable in the appearance of lung abnormalities, are first preceded by biochemical changes, all of which are related to cell injury. Expand