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High‐throughput screening techniques for rapid PEG‐based precipitation of IgG4 mAb from clarified cell culture supernatant
Locating optimal protein precipitation conditions for complex biological feed materials is problematic. This article describes the application of a series of high‐throughput platforms for the rapidExpand
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Active site substitutions delineate distinct classes of eubacterial flap endonuclease
FENs (flap endonucleases) play essential roles in DNA replication, pivotally in the resolution of Okazaki fragments. In eubacteria, DNA PolI (polymerase I) contains a flap processing domain, theExpand
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Molecular interactions of Escherichia coli ExoIX and identification of its associated 3′–5′ exonuclease activity
The flap endonucleases (FENs) participate in a wide range of processes involving the structure-specific cleavage of branched nucleic acids. They are also able to hydrolyse DNA and RNA substrates fromExpand
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Science Fiction and Administrative Truths: The Short Story and Novella as Administrative Cases
Pre-service and in-service MPA students share a common desire for hands-on, real world instruction related to their professional career goals, leading to a pedagogic discounting of fiction as anExpand
Georgia State Politics: The Constitutional Foundation