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Breeds at risk: Definition and measurement of the factors which determine endangerment
The lack of harmonisation between the procedures used by organisations concerned with the conservation of animal genetic resources leads to confusion and an inability to compare results effectively.Expand
Genetic diversity within and between European pig breeds using microsatellite markers.
An important prerequisite for a conservation programme is a comprehensive description of genetic diversity. The aim of this study was to use anonymous genetic markers to assess the between- and theExpand
Genetic diversity in European pigs utilizing amplified fragment length polymorphism markers.
The use of DNA markers to evaluate genetic diversity is an important component of the management of animal genetic resources. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) hasExpand
An assessment of European pig diversity using molecular markers: Partitioning of diversity among breeds
Genetic diversity within and between breeds (and lines) of pigs was investigated. The sample comprised 68 European domestic breeds (and lines), including 29 local breeds, 18 varieties of majorExpand
Criteria for the recognition and prioritisation of breeds of special genetic importance
The State of the World survey of animal genetic resources (SoWAnGR) has highlighted the necessity to reconcile the varying systems applied by different organisations for the identification andExpand
Genetic diversity analysis using lowly polymorphic dominant markers: the example of AFLP in pigs.
DNA markers are commonly used for large-scale evaluation of genetic diversity in farm animals, as a component of the management of animal genetic resources. AFLP markers are useful for such studiesExpand
An empirical assessment of individual-based population genetic statistical techniques: application to British pig breeds
Recently developed Bayesian genotypic clustering methods for analysing genetic data offer a powerful tool to evaluate the genetic structure of domestic farm animal breeds. The unit of study withExpand
Conservation Genetics of Endangered Horse Breeds
Molecular methods and equine genetic diversity The use of markers for characterising genetic resources A review on the methods of parentage and inbreeding analysis with molecular markers GeneticExpand