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A simple method for cloning the complete begomovirus genome using the bacteriophage phi29 DNA polymerase.
The bacteriophage phiDNA polymerase amplifies circular DNA in a rolling circle amplification mechanism. This characteristic was applied to amplify and clone the complete circular DNA genome of aExpand
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Diversity and prevalence of Brazilian bipartite begomovirus species associated to tomatoes
Information on the distribution and prevalence of the economically destructive Begomovirus species and recombinant forms infecting fresh-market and processing tomato crops in Brazil is crucial inExpand
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Further characterization of tomato-infecting begomoviruses in Brazil
Tomato cultivation in Brazil is threatened by a number of tomato-infecting viruses belonging to the genus Begomovirus of the family Geminiviridae. Here, we report the full DNA-A sequences of threeExpand
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A novel monopartite begomovirus infecting sweet potato in Brazil
The complete genome sequences of two monopartite begomovirus isolates (genus Begomovirus, family Geminiviridae) present in a single sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) plant collected in São Paulo,Expand
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Molecular and biological characterization of a new Brazilian begomovirus, euphorbia yellow mosaic virus (EuYMV), infecting Euphorbia heterophylla plants
To date, no begomovirus has been fully characterized from Euphorbia heterophylla, a widely distributed weed, in Brazil. Here, we show the occurrence of a new begomovirus on E. heterophylla plantsExpand
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Molecular characterization reveals Brazilian Tomato chlorosis virus to be closely related to a Greek isolate
Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV, genus Crinivirus, family Closteroviridae) is a whitefly-transmitted crinivirus with a bipartite RNA genome. This virus is emerging as a serious threat to tomato cropsExpand
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Characterization of tomato yellow vein streak virus, a begomovirus from Brazil
Tomato yellow vein streak virus (ToYVSV) is a tentative begomovirus (Family Geminiviridae) species that seriously affects tomato and potato production in Brazil. Here, we have determined the genomicExpand
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Development of a species-specific detection method for three Brazilian tomato begomoviruses
The begomoviruses (fam. Geminiviridae) have an ssDNA genome, are transmitted by whiteflies, and cause significant losses in tomato fields in Brazil. Nowadays, begomovirus species identification isExpand
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Genetic diversity and recombination analysis of sweepoviruses from Brazil
BackgroundMonopartite begomoviruses (genus Begomovirus, family Geminiviridae) that infect sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) around the world are known as sweepoviruses. Because sweet potato plants areExpand
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Characterization of tomato leaf curl purple vein virus, a new monopartite New World begomovirus infecting tomato in Northeast Brazil
A new begomovirus species was identified from tomato plants with upward leaf curling and purple vein symptoms, which was first identified in the Piaui state of Northeast (NE) Brazil in 2014. TomatoExpand
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