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The word-formation category "displacement causation": mutational and modification semantics of German, Russian and Tatar verbs
The aim of the study is to determine the semantic, structural and cognitive specificity of the derivational embodiment of the semantics of "displacement" in the differencestructured languages. 16Expand
The article presents the main results of the study conducted to characterize the main difficulties and propose the effective methods for the establishment and development of the foreign languageExpand
Word-Formative and Semantic Characteristics of the Derived Verbs of Moving Off/away in the Russian, German and Tatar Languages: The Comparative Aspect
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)INTRODUCTIONWord-formative and semantic processes taking place in language have been of stable interest for the scholars for a long time and till now.Expand
The Technology of Forming the Students’ Research Competence in the Process of Learning a Foreign Language
The research issue appears important as today's system of professional education requires an optimal structure ofthe academic disciplines intended for the students’ research and creative abilitiesExpand
The Verbs of Motion in Linguistic Consciosness of Native Speakers of the German Language (On the Basis of Association Experiment Data)
The study presents the results of one of the stages of complex cognitive-discursive study of the German verbs of motion and verbs of movement in space. The leading method of the research was aExpand
Socialization of Foreign University Students through the Formation of Reading Literacy.
The article considers the concept of reading literacy as a means of successful socialization of foreign students of Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University. As a prerequisite for the researchExpand
The Representation of Women in English and Russian Paroemiological Pictures of the World
The article touches upon culturological study of concepts which is connected with the analysis of texts (proverbs) where these concepts are fixed and verbalized as a reflection of national cultureExpand
Leadership in the University Student Environment: How to Become a Person-Oriented Leader.
Currently there is a vital need to teach youth to demonstrate leadership skills as well as to work in the competitive market environment. This article is devoted to the problem of leadership trainingExpand