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Bosphorus Database for 3D Face Analysis
A new 3D face database that includes a rich set of expressions, systematic variation of poses and different types of occlusions is presented in this paper. This database is unique from three aspects:Expand
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Real time hand pose estimation using depth sensors
This paper describes a depth image based real-time skeleton fitting algorithm for the hand, using an object recognition by parts approach, and the use of this hand modeler in an American SignExpand
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Hand Pose Estimation and Hand Shape Classification Using Multi-layered Randomized Decision Forests
Vision based articulated hand pose estimation and hand shape classification are challenging problems. This paper proposes novel algorithms to perform these tasks using depth sensors. In particular,Expand
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A 3D Face Recognition System for Expression and Occlusion Invariance
Facial expression variations and occlusions complicate the task of identifying persons from their 3D facial scans. We propose a new 3D face registration and recognition method based on local facialExpand
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Regional Registration for Expression Resistant 3-D Face Recognition
Biometric identification from three-dimensional (3-D) facial surface characteristics has become popular, especially in high security applications. In this paper, we propose a fully automaticExpand
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A fuzzy algorithm for color quantization of images
In this paper, we review a number of techniques for fuzzy color quantization. We show that the fuzzy membership paradigm is particularly suited to color quantization, where color cluster boundariesExpand
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3D shape-based face recognition using automatically registered facial surfaces
We address the use of three-dimensional facial shape information for human face identification. We propose a new method to represent faces as 3D registered point clouds. Fine registration of facialExpand
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3D Face Recognition Benchmarks on the Bosphorus Database with Focus on Facial Expressions
This paper presents an evaluation of several 3D face recognizers on the Bosphorus database which was gathered for studies on expression and pose invariant face analysis. We provide identificationExpand
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Rank-based decision fusion for 3D shape-based face recognition
In 3D face recognition systems, 3D facial shape information plays an important role. Various shape representations have been proposed in the literature. The most popular techniques are based on pointExpand
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3-D Face Recognition Under Occlusion Using Masked Projection
With advances in sensor technology, the three-dimensional (3-D) face has become an emerging biometric modality, preferred especially in high security applications. However, dealing with occlusionsExpand
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