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Transition to child care: associations with infant-mother attachment, infant negative emotion, and cortisol elevations.
Seventy 15-month-old infants were studied at home before starting child care, during adaptation (mothers present) and separation (first 9 days without mothers) phases, and 5 months later. Security ofExpand
Meta-analytic evidence for stability in attachments from infancy to early adulthood
The present meta-analysis integrates results from 127 papers on attachment stability towards mothers and fathers, respectively, from infancy to early adulthood. More than twenty-one thousandExpand
Security of children's relationships with nonparental care providers: a meta-analysis.
Meta-analysis aggregated results of 40 investigations involving 2,867 children who averaged 29.6 (SD = 8.6) months of age when their attachments to care providers were assessed using either theExpand
Attachment and bonding: a new synthesis
Attachment and bonding are evolved processes; the mechanisms that permit the development of selective social bonds are assumed to be very ancient, based on neural circuitry rooted deep in mammalianExpand
Student–teacher relationships and classroom climate in first grade: how do they relate to students’ stress regulation?
The present study involved 105 German students at the end of their first semester in elementary school in order to explore the stress that students may experience within the school environment, andExpand
Nonparental Child Care: Context, Concepts, Correlates, and Consequences
We begin by placing contemporary patterns of child care in their broader Socio-cultural and historical context before sketching changing patterns of child care and explaining the importance ofExpand
Shared care: establishing a balance between home and child care settings.
The onset of regular nonparental care for infants and toddlers has complex psychobiological and behavioral effects on their functioning both at home and in child care centers. Maladaptive behavior onExpand
The Student–Teacher Relationship Scale revisited: Testing factorial structure, measurement invariance and validity criteria in German-speaking samples
Abstract The Student–Teacher Relationship Scale (STRS) is widely used for research in kindergarten and school. The increasing number of applications inside and outside of the U.S. stresses the needExpand
The East German Child Care System
This article describes the origins of the child care system in East Germany. Exploring the changes that followed German reunification and democracy, the authors specifically focus on the politicalExpand
Advancing Research and Measurement on Fathering and Child Development.
Fathers are more than social accidents. Research has demonstrated that fathers matter to children's development. Despite noted progress, challenges remain on how best to conceptualize and assessExpand