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'Stretching' Exercises for Qualitative Researchers [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Valerie J. Janesick, 'Stretching' Exercises for Qualitative Researchers, Sage, Thousand Oaks, California, 2004, 2nd edition, ISBN 0761928154, 271 pages, paperback.
Transition to practice in supercomplex environments: are occupational therapy graduates adequately prepared?
This viewpoint refers to agency as an intentional motivation to work toward strategic goals (both personal and organisational) and proposes that political skill is comprised of four critical dimensions: social  astuteness; interpersonal influence; networking ability and  apparent sincerity. Expand
The research and educational priorities of rural occupational therapists.
The findings of the study suggest directions for research and continuing education in occupational therapy which may benefit rural practitioners and their clients. Expand
Professional accreditation of occupational therapy educational programs : a bright or embattled future
It is suggested that professional association demands of programs and the accreditation processes used for audit and inspection must be relevant and reasonable in order to be considered credible and necessary by all stakeholders. Expand
Occupational Therapy Research Priorities in Mental Health
This study used a Delphi survey method to identify research priorities of occupational therapists working in mental health and found consensus research priorities were obtained in six areas: research of value to clients, research related to providing community care for clients, and research that facilitates health promotion and disease prevention. Expand
Towards an understanding of occupational therapy professional practice knowledge in mental health services
Gender, changing social views and practice environments were significant influences on the evolution of occupation as a core of practice, adding to deeper understanding of the importance of practice knowledge for the development of the profession in complex socio-political environments. Expand
Is there an occupational therapy employment crisis within Australia? An investigation into two consecutive cohorts of occupational therapy graduates from a single Victorian University identifying
Findings suggest that occupational therapy graduates are gaining employment in a range of settings and practice areas, relatively quickly, and adds evidence to the conversation around graduate employment within a region of Australia. Expand