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Group feature selection with multiclass support vector machine
This paper reformulates the group feature selection in the multiclass classification setting based on the framework of support vector machines as a sparse problem by prescribing the maximum number of active groups and proposes a novel methodbased on the ADMM algorithm. Expand
Nonlinear Chance Constrained Problems: Optimality Conditions, Regularization and Solvers
Under validity of a constraint qualification, it is shown that the stationary points of the regularized problem converge to a stationary point of the relaxed reformulation and under additional condition it is even a stationary Point of the original problem. Expand
Sparse optimization for inverse problems in atmospheric modelling
This work considers inverse problems in atmospheric modelling represented by a linear system which is based on a source-receptor sensitivity matrix and measurements and adds a weighting matrix based on the topology of measurement points and shows the connection with Bayesian modelling. Expand
The intermediate set and limiting superdifferential for coalitional games: between the core and the Weber set
It is shown that the intermediate set is a non-convex solution containing the Pareto optimal payoff vectors that depend on some chain of coalitions and marginal coalitional contributions with respect to the chain. Expand
Solving joint chance constrained problems using regularization and Benders’ decomposition
On a gas network design problem, a numerical study is performed by increasing the number of scenarios and the solution obtained is compared with a solution obtained by solving the same problem with the continuous distribution. Expand
Identification of some nonsmooth evolution systems with illustration on adhesive contacts at small strains
A class of evolution quasi-static systems which leads, after a suitable time discretization, to recursive non-linear programs, is considered and optimal control or identification problems governed byExpand
Normally Admissible Stratifications and Calculation of Normal Cones to a Finite Union of Polyhedral Sets
This paper considers computation of Fréchet and limiting normal cones to a finite union of polyhedra. To this aim, we introduce a new concept of normally admissible stratification which is convenientExpand
Direct Speed Control of a PMSM Drive Using SDRE and Convex Constrained Optimization
This article proposes to complement the direct-speed-control-based state-dependent Riccati equation (SDRE) approach by explicit constraints on the current amplitude and the field-weakening curve by exploiting the cost-to-go function for the SDRE. Expand
Time-optimal current trajectory for predictive speed control of PMSM drive
A new method of time-optimal control of the currents in permanent magnet synchronous machine is proposed. The voltage is constrained to lie a in circle of known diameter. Implicit equation for theExpand
On M-stationarity conditions in MPECs and the associated qualification conditions
This paper studies the issue when imposing one of the weakest possible qualification conditions, namely the calmness of the perturbation mapping associated with the respective generalized equations in both forms of the MPEC, and provides a compilation of practically relevant consequences in the derivation of necessary optimality conditions. Expand