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Quinoa protein–chitosan–sunflower oil edible film: Mechanical, barrier and structural properties
Quinoa protein extracts (Q) were prepared and alkalised at pH 8 and 12 (Q-8 and Q-12). Qs were mixed with chitosan (CH) to form Q/CH mixtures. The optimal proportion of the mixtures was determined byExpand
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Capillary zone electrophoresis as a method for identification of golden kinglip (Genypterus blacodes) species during frozen storage
Abstract Capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) was used to study the effect of frozen storage on the electrophoretic patterns of sarcoplasmic proteins (SAR) extracted from fillets of golden kinglip (Expand
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Effects of Antimicrobial Edible Coating of Thymol Nanoemulsion/Quinoa Protein/Chitosan on the Safety, Sensorial Properties, and Quality of Refrigerated Strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa) Under
The effectiveness of the edible coating with thymol nanoemulsion on the safety, sensorial properties, and quality of refrigerated strawberries was investigated under commercial storage conditions.Expand
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Caracterización bioquímica, fisicoquímica y funcional de turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) y estudio de sus modificaciones durante el almacenamiento a 4ºC
El turbot es un pez plano (Scophthalmus maximus), es uno de los peces que se adapta muy bien al cultivo intensivo en granja. Es necesario conocer sus propiedadesExpand
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Estudio de las modificaciones en proteinas de reineta (Brama australis), sometidas a congelación y almacenamiento a -18ºC y -30ºC
The objective of the present work was to study functional and thermal properties of reineta ( Brama australis) frozen meat, analysed by water retention capacity (WRC), gel forming capacity (GFC),Expand
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Development and Use of a Web Site with Multimedia Contents as a Complement to Traditional Unit Operations Courses
: The Unit Operations Laboratory offers 2 courses in unit operations. One is a 2-semester course for chemistry and food engineering students that is more demanding because it considers more unitExpand
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[Biochemical, physicochemical and functional characterization of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). Study of the changes occurring during the 4 degrees C storage].
The turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) is a kind of flatfish that is well adapted to intensive farm culture. After the harvest it is necessary to know the physicochemical, biochemical and technologicalExpand
Influencia del congelado y enlatado sobre las propiedades del color, textura y estabilidad térmica de congrio dorado (Genypterus blacodes)
Se evaluaron los cambios en el color, textura y estabilidad termica en congrio dorado (Genypterus blacodes) almacenado por 6 meses a �18 y �30 °C y en conserva. La blancura y la luminosidad delExpand
[Effect of thermal treatment on the available lysine content of mora crab (Homalaspis plana) meat].
The effect of different high temperatures treatments on the available lysine content of mora crab meat, was studied. Fresh pincer meat from mora crab (from the V region) was extracted and kept in iceExpand
Synthesis and chelating properties of secondary alkylphosphite and alkylphosphonate palladium(II) complexes
Abstract The preparation and properties of new neutral and cationic bis(dialkyIphosphonate)palladium(II) complexes of the types [R3'P)CIPd{P(O)(OR)2}2H] (R = Me, Et; R'= Et, Ph) andExpand
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