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The terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate biodiversity of the archipelagoes of the Barents Sea; Svalbard, Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya
Arctic terrestrial ecosystems are generally considered to be species poor, fragile and often isolated. Nonetheless, their intricate complexity, especially that of the invertebrate component, isExpand
Nordic-Baltic Checklist of Lepidoptera
Should not exceed 300 words and should cover the main results and conclusions of the paper. Any new names or new combinations proposed in the manuscript should be mentioned. The abstract should beExpand
Species-Level Para- and Polyphyly in DNA Barcode Gene Trees: Strong Operational Bias in European Lepidoptera
It is suggested that species-level non-monophyly in COI gene trees is less common than previously supposed, with many cases reflecting misidentifications, the subjectivity of species delimitation or other operational factors. Expand
Deep sympatric mtDNA divergence in the autumnal moth (Epirrita autumnata)
The results demonstrate that deep mtDNA divergences are not synonymous with cryptic speciation and this has important implications for the use of mtDNA in species delimitation, like in DNA barcoding. Expand
Description of Elachista tanaella sp. n. (Elachistidae) from Arctic Norway
Elachista tanaella sp. n. is described from northernmost Norway. It differs from other Elachista species of the region by plain grey forewings, distally wide valvae with large hump in the maleExpand
An annotated catalogue of the types of Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) in the collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) with descriptions of new genera and new species.
We present an annotated and illustrated catalogue of fifty type specimens of Afrotropical Tortricidae deposited in the insect collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. In addition to primaryExpand
New Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) from East Africa with an account of the tortricid fauna of acacia in the Kenyan Rift Valley.
Species of Tortricidae whose larvae feed on acacia are listed, including five new species; and Age onychistica Diakonoff is recorded from Africa for the first time. Expand
A remarkable disjunction: Scrobipalpa reiprichi Povolny, 1984 discovered in Norway, with remarks on the characteristics of the species (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)
The moth is redescribed, and illustrations are given of the male and female genitalia and habitat. Expand
Revision of African Neaspasia Diakonoff, 1989 and the related Conaspasia, n. gen. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae).
The six species of Neaspasia Diakonoff present in mainland Africa are described and illustrated and Genetancylis Razowski is synonymised with NeaspAsia. Expand