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Phospholipids of the seed kernel of sunflowers
ConclusionsThe qualitative and quantitative composition of the phospholipid complex of the kernels of seeds of the oil-richHelianthus annuus and of the substances associated with them have been
Composition of the phospholipids of the cotton plant Gossipium barbadense
It has been established by enzymatic hydrolysis with phospholipase A2 of kufi venom that the unsaturated fatty acids are present in position of the PCh, PE, and PI molecules — to the extent of 90.6%, 96.5%, and 85.4%, respectively.
The oil of the seeds ofMuretia transitoria
Muretia transitoria belongs to the family Umbelliferae [1]. The seeds of the plant contain 17% of an olive-green oil. The oil has not been described in the literature. According to our
Structural investigations of the phospholipids of the sunflower
SummaryInvestigations of the phospholipids of sunflower seeds have been performed which have confirmed the known structures of the phosphatidylcholines and phosphatidylethanolamines. It has been
Composition of the phospholipids of Gossypium barbadense
Summary1. The combined phospholipids of the seed kernels of the cotton plant have been completely freed from accompanying carbohydrates by gel filtration on Molselekt G-25.2. It has been established
Determination of the position distribution of fatty acids in natural phosphatidylcholines
The snake venom of Vipera lebetina obtusa/ul can be used as a source of phospholipase A and a technique for calculating the composition of the diglycerides of the phosphatidylcholines is given.
Molecular composition of cottonseed phosphatidylcholines
SummaryThe diglyceride and monoacetyldiglyceride derivatives of the phosphatidylcholines of the seed kernels of the cotton plant of variety S-6029 have been separated into individual subfractions in