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Anthocyans ofCarthamus species
The flora of Azerbaidhzan includes five species of Carthamus: Carthamus lanatus L., C. glaucus M.B., C. oxycantha M.B., C. gypsicola Sljin, and C. tinctorius L. (safflower) [1]. Of these, C.Expand
Flavonoids and anthocyans from Alhagi pseudoalhagi
The plant Alhagi pseudoalhagi is relatively little studied. Acidic sulfatidylated polygalactones, tanning agents [1], catechins, and proanthocyanidines [2] have been observed in its aerial part. ItExpand
Anthocyanins from fruit of two species of the genus Rosa
We investigated the composition of anthocyanins from fruit of Rosa spinosissima L. and R. hracziana Tamam. (Rosaceae Juss.) growing near Bata-Bat, Shakhbuz Region, Republic of Azerbaidzhan. Fruit wasExpand
Carotenoids from fruit of several Rosa species
Fruits of plants of the genus Rosa L. are rich in carotenoids [1]. They provide raw material for producing the preparation Carotolin and fatty oil [2]. In continuation of studies of Rosa speciesExpand
Anthocyans of Adelia neo-mexicana Fruit
Anthocyans and other polyphenols possess antiradiation, anti-inflammatory, and capillary strengthening activities [1]. Anthocyans have been reported in fruits and flowers of various plants ofExpand