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Hunter-Gatherers and Their Neighbors from Prehistory to the Present [and Comments and Replies]
It is widely assumed that modem hunter-gatherer societies lived until very recently in isolation from food-producing societies and states and practiced neither cultivation, pastoralism, nor trade.Expand
Cross-linguistic tendencies and durational contrasts in geminate consonants: an examination of Guinaang Bontok geminates
In Guinaang Bontok, there is a phonological contrast between singletons and geminates in all consonants (/p t k ? b d g m n ŋ l s w j/) (Reid 1963, 1973; Thurgood 1997). All phonological geminatesExpand
A Brief Syntactic Typology of Philippine Languages
This paper is a brief statement of the typological characteristics of the syntactic structures of Philippine languages. It utilizes a lexicalist theoretical framework to provide comparability amongExpand
Who are the Philippine Negritos? Evidence from Language
  • L. A. Reid
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Human biology
  • 4 December 2013
Linguistic evidence comes from the naming practices of both negrito and non-negrito peoples, from which it can be inferred that many negrito groups have maintained a unique identity distinct from other groups since the dispersal of Malayo-Polynesian languages. Expand
Possible Non-Austronesian Lexical Elements in Philippine Negrito Languages
Les langues parlees par les peuples Negritos des Philippines sont des langues austronesiennes. L'A. presente un ensemble de termes tires de leur vocabulaire et qui constitue une preuve pour une baseExpand
Unraveling the Linguistic Histories of Philippine Negritos
1. Overview The Philippines is a particularly fertile field for the study of contact-induced language change. Within the last 500 years two major powers have colonized the Philippines, the SpanishExpand
Evidence for Proto-Philippine Nominative Marking
I also outlined in that paper some of the grammatical processes which have resulted in the great variety of determiners occurring in the Philippine languages today. Two major processes which wereExpand
The Early Switch Hypothesis: Linguistic Evidence for Contact Between Negritos and Austronesians
The Philippine population consists of two generally quite distinct racial types. There are the so-called Malay peoples, numbering over 50 million, and then there are the Negritos, probably totalingExpand