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The Southern Elephant seal of King George Island
Abstract The results of field‐station observations conducted during the wintering period December 1973 to January 1975 on King George (Waterloo) Island are described. The paper gives data on theExpand
SOME DATA CONCERNING THE NEWFOUNDLAND POPULATION OF GREENLAND SEALS (Nekotorye Dannye o Grenlandskom Tyulene Nyufaundlendskogo Stada)
Abstract : The Soviet whaling fleet, supported by aircraft, investigated the distribution of the Greenland seal in the Newfoundland region from 1961 through 1963. Their objective was to gather dataExpand
Observations of birds on King George Island
Abstract Observations in 1973–75 made it possible to provide more precise information on the species composition of bird fauna on the Fildes Peninsula of King George Island and to supplement findingsExpand