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A germ cell-specific nuclear antigen recognized by a monoclonal antibody raised against mouse testicular germ cells.
A monoclonal antibody (mAb TRA 104) raised against mouse testicular germ cells was able to recognize the nuclei of testicular germ cells at all the stages of differentiation from embryonic gonocytesExpand
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The effect of cyclophosphamide on brainstem remyelination following local ethidium bromide injection in Wistar rats.
Long-term cyclophosphamide (CY) treatment was used in male Wistar rats submitted to ethidium bromide (EB) demyelinating model to investigate ultrastructurally the drug effects on remyelination and onExpand
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Characterization and expression of a stage specific antigen by monoclonal antibody TRA 54 in testicular germ cells.
To study the mechanism of spermatogenesis, we have isolated many monoclonal antibodies (mAb) which recognize specific steps of mouse germ cell differentiation and then have evaluated the specificExpand
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Dynamics of remyelination in the brain of adult rats after exposure to ethidium bromide.
Diseases of the central nervous system with limited prognosis, as multiple sclerosis, have led to the development of experimental models to study the pathophysiology of such diseases. The presentExpand
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Neste trabalho foi avaliado se a determinacao visual do ponto de equivalencia pode substituir a determinacao potenciometrica na quantificacao do captopril materia-prima, como um metodo alternativo deExpand