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Prenatal Cerebral Ischemia Disrupts MRI-Defined Cortical Microstructure Through Disturbances in Neuronal Arborization
Preterm ischemia disrupts MRI-defined maturation of the cerebral cortex by impairing the differentiation of cortical neurons in fetal lambs. Early Start for Better Brains Despite all of the recentExpand
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Determination of Axonal and Dendritic Orientation Distributions Within the Developing Cerebral Cortex by Diffusion Tensor Imaging
As neurons of the developing brain form functional circuits, they undergo morphological differentiation. In immature cerebral cortex, radially-oriented cellular processes of undifferentiated neuronsExpand
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Age related changes in emotional memory
Studies have found that emotionally evocative stimuli are better remembered than neutral stimuli, an effect called "emotional enhancement". Researchers have also found that the elderly experience anExpand
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3D structure tensor analysis of light microscopy data for validating diffusion MRI
Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (d-MRI) is a powerful non-invasive and non-destructive technique for characterizing brain tissue on the microscopic scale. However, the lack of validation ofExpand
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Regional patterns of cerebral cortical differentiation determined by diffusion tensor MRI.
The morphology of axonal and dendritic arbors in the immature cerebral cortex influences the degree of anisotropy in water diffusion. This enables cortical maturation to be monitored by theExpand
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The influence of fetal ethanol exposure on subsequent development of the cerebral cortex as revealed by magnetic resonance imaging.
BACKGROUND Fetal alcohol syndrome and related disorders (commonly referred to as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or FASD) cause significant hardships to the individuals affected. Previously,Expand
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Diffusion MRI of the developing cerebral cortical gray matter can be used to detect abnormalities in tissue microstructure associated with fetal ethanol exposure
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) comprise a wide range of neurological deficits that result from fetal exposure to ethanol (EtOH), and are the leading cause of environmentally related birthExpand
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Age differences in perception and awareness of emotion
We investigated the effects of age and gender on emotional perception and physiology using electrodermal skin conductance response (SCR) and examined whether SCR is related to subjective perceptionsExpand
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A Comparative Analysis of Cellular Morphological Differentiation Within the Cerebral Cortex Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique that provides information about cellular microstructure through measurements of water diffusion. Because inferencesExpand
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Estrogen modifies arousal but not memory for emotional events in older women
Emotional arousal and the affective content of events influence memory. These effects shift with age such that older people find negative information less arousing and remember proportionately moreExpand
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