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Frequency dependence of the main pulse to interpulse separation for seven pulsars
In the course of a study of pulsar interpulses 43 bright pulsars were searched for interpulse emission. A previously undetected interpulse in PSR 1944 + 17 was found and improved upper limits wereExpand
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Measurements of general relativistic effects in the binary pulsar PSR1913 + 16
Measurements of second- and third-order relativistic effects in the orbit of binary pulsar PSR1913 + 16 have yielded self-consistent estimates of the masses of the pulsar and its companion,Expand
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Further observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16.
We report the results of more than a year's timing observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16. Within the accuracy of our measurements, about +- 300 ..mu..s, the pulse arrival times are exactlyExpand
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Sunspot bright rings and the thermal diffusivity of solar convection
We have used the 512 channel diode array and vacuum telescope at KPNO to study the photospheric intensity distribution around sunspots, for comparison with isotherms predicted by convective blockingExpand
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Gravitational waves from an orbiting pulsar.
E instein's general theory of relativi­ ty, published in 1915, makes an extraordinary prediction: an ac­ celerating mass should radiate energy in the form of gravitational waves. Yet the waves are soExpand
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A thermal model of sunspot influence on solar luminosity
Recent measurements of the solar irradiance have confirmed that sunspots block energy flow to the photosphere in rough proportion to their area and photometric contrast. We have constructed aExpand
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