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Constructing Rhetorical Borders: Peons, Illegal Aliens, and Competing Narratives of Immigration
Recent work in immigration suggests interconnections among race, nation, and immigration. This essay examines these relations, noting the rhetorical dynamics through which symbolic borders emerge andExpand
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Creating Discursive Space through a Rhetoric of Difference: Chicana Feminists Craft a Homeland.
When Chicana feminists refuse to accept mainstream definitions of themselves and insist that they establish and affirm their own identity, they build a space through discourse. For Chicana feminists,Expand
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Reclaiming the “Other”: toward a Chicana feminist critical perspective
Abstract This essay contributes to the dialogue on methodology and offers preliminary suggestions about what constitutes a Chicana feminist critical perspective. In doing so, I heed the call ofExpand
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"Slaves with white collars": Persistent performances of masculinity in crisis
Recent trends in popular culture suggest an emerging discourse of professional masculinity in crisis. This essay examines two illustrative films, Fight Club and In the Company of Men, whoseExpand
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Rethinking race, revealing dilemmas: Imagining a new racial subject in race traitor
Questions of race, racism, and essentialism continue to garner academic and public attention, often provoking debates about how to rethink and/or eliminate race and produce new identities separateExpand
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Antiracism and the abolition of whiteness: Rhetorical strategies of domination among “race traitors”
The development of whiteness studies over the last decade has been welcomed by some, and noted with trepidation by others. An outgrowth of the work of race scholars of color, whiteness studies hasExpand
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Identifying Key Intercultural Urgencies, Issues, and Challenges in Today's World: Connecting Our Scholarship to Dynamic Contexts and Historical Moments
In the next section of the discussion, the participating scholars elaborate on their views of the most pressing intercultural urgencies, issues, and challenges that we face in today's world. TheExpand
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Locating the voice of logic: Disclosure discourse of sexual abuse
This essay explores the concept of voice by turning to disclosure discourse about sexual abuse. We argue that children who have been sexually abused are strategic and logical in the way they regulateExpand
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Colloquy : Challenges in contemporary culture and communication research
L'A. decrit les positions paradigmatiques de quatre etudes contemporaines sur la culture et la communication. Il examine ensuite les trois principaux defis releves dans la recherche critiqueExpand
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