L. van Marwijk

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Negative-bias temperature instability (NBTI) is a major challenge for modern integrated circuits and may represent a key factor for the success of a technology. In this paper, NBTI is approached from a process point of view, providing a general picture of the manufacturing process steps that affect NBTI performance. It is found that several process steps(More)
Bake enhanced degradation of gate disturbance of flash cells has been studied. It is found that the worst-case situation exists when the cells are baked in the erased state. The number of cells appearing in the tail distribution can be three times as high when the cells are baked in the erased state than those cells baked in the programmed state. This bake(More)
In this paper, we evaluate the extra requirements that borderless materials, widely used in standard logic technologies as stop layers during oxide etch, have to fulfil for high-voltage non-volatile applications. We also evaluate the effect of nitride conduction on charging damage during contact etch. In particular, it is demonstrated that nitride layers(More)
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