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OBJECTIVE An elevated thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level is a frequent finding in obese children, but its association with peripheral hormone metabolism is not fully understood. We hypothesized that in obesity, the changes in thyroid hormone metabolism in peripheral tissues might lead to dysregulation in the thyroid axis. The purpose of this study was(More)
Using the method of electrophoretic separation of isoenzymes of serum alkaline phosphatase the authors confirmed the diagnosis of transient hyperphosphatasaemia in nine children examined in the out-patient department or hospitalized with various diagnoses in the Childrens Hospital. The typical isoenzyme picture was formed by an atypical anodal fraction and(More)
Haemangiomas are the most frequent tumours of child age. They are found in 10-12% of infants. The authors summarize contemporary knowledge of the treatment of haemangiomas as well as their own experience with their treatment. They follow-up 18 children with haemangiomas at different sites, incl. ten with extensive haemangiomas. The latter were treated(More)
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