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BACKGROUND The recent immunotherapy treatment on triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) leads to the breakthrough assignation. In this study, we have tried the new combinations of specific chemo with DC-CIKs immunotherapy to treat those patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-three metastatic anthracyclines and taxanes pretreated TNBC younger (mean 41.5(More)
Cancer cells rely on glycolysis to maintain high levels of anabolism. However, the metabolism of glucose via glycolysis in cancer cells is frequently incomplete and results in the accumulation of acidic metabolites such as pyruvate and lactate. Thus, the cells have to develop strategies to alleviate the intracellular acidification and maintain the pH(More)
OBJECTIVE To detect the proportion of lymphocyte subsets in peripheral blood of the advanced breast cancer patients before and after chemotherapy with docetaxel and thiotepa, as well as the association between the proportion of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets with the response rate and prognosis. METHODS The proportions of lymphocyte subsets (CD3+ T(More)
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