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A simple reproducible method for the ultramicro determination of total and direct serum bilirubin is presented. This method provides a greater sensitivity than that obtained with other colorimetric ultramicro procedures. Total bilirubin values agree with those obtained with the macro Malloy-Evelyn procedure, but direct-reading bilirubin values were(More)
Ultramicro procedures requiring 5-10 mul of serum or blood per analysis were used in determining blood constituents of healthy full-term newborns during the first four days of life. The resulting values appeared to be influenced by age, sex, and race. Values for total protein, albumin, urea nitrogen, and uric acid in serum decreased with time; serum(More)
Morphine, spin labeled on the 3- or 6-position has been used as the opiate ligand in a study of the time course of stereospecific opiate binding to intact synaptosomes isolated from non-cerebellar rat brain. The broadening of electron spin resonance lines induced by immobilization of the ligand on binding has been used to determine the concentration of(More)
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