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INTRODUCTION Schizophrenia has been object of stigmatization throughout history. A critical component of stigma in schizophrenia is the perception that patients are extremely dangerous. The assessment of this concept in general population by the use of reliable and valid instruments will allow the development of programs aimed to reduce it. OBJECTIVE To(More)
The Fogarty catheter is an invaluable tool in the surgical practice of a vascular surgeon. Arteriovenous fistula is an unusual but potentially dangerous complication of its use. We present the case of a man who suffered a peroneal arteriovenous fistula as a result of an above-knee femoropopliteal polytetrafluorethylene graft thrombectomy. As the fistula(More)
CASE A 4-month-old girl was seen by a paediatrician for psychomotor delay and defective visual fixation. In order to shift gaze direction, she had to jerk her head in order to drag her eyes in the direction she wanted to look. She also showed non-specific pyramidal impairment. Herpes human virus type 6 (HHV-6) was amplified by PCR. No other findings could(More)
From 1972 to 1986, a total of 46 children with the histological diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma were treated in our hospital. Twelve had emergency surgery. Nine of them presented with an acute abdominal condition and three bowel perforation during treatment for childhood Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Survival rate was 58%.
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