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At least two million migrant workers from rural Mexico annually migrate to the US in search of seasonal employment. These migrants are mainly male and unskilled looking for agricultural work. Migrating without their families, they have unprotected anal and oral sex with each other once in the US, thus opening themselves to the possibility of transmitting(More)
More than 80% of all cases of HIV are in the developing world. AIDS in global terms is very much a development issue, a symptom and increasingly a cause of under-development. Even if a cure is eventually found, it will take a while to reach those who need it the most, if it ever does. This position is the heart of the author's comments on three other(More)
The Harvard-based Global AIDS Policy Coalition projects that 120 million people will be infected with HIV worldwide by the year 2000. While this is one of the higher projections of impending total HIV infection, and actual HIV prevalence may eventually be less, one may nonetheless be certain that new infections occur daily and AIDS will cause many deaths(More)
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