L. Z. Karpets

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A protein preparation obtained from the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) by acetone precipitation, water extraction and subsequent two-step alcohol fractionation reduced significantly EAC cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro. The preparation was found to contain a low molecular-weight growth-inhibitory activity, suppressing both DNA synthesis in cultured(More)
The multiplicity of bacterial DNA methylases has been shown for new microorganisms, Mycobacteria and Shigella, by a double-step procedure including column chromatography followed by isoelectric focusing of the total methylase fraction. The profiles of the DNA methylating activity of Sh. sonnei 47 and M. butyricum strains were studied. Sh. sonnei 47 cells(More)
In rabbit liver microsomes cytochrome P-450 is inactivated in reactions of hydroxylation of substrates I (dimethylalanine, amidopyrine, p-nitroanisole) and II (aniline) types. Inactivation of the enzyme is potentiated in the presence of the catalase inhibitor NaNs [i, 3]. This indicates the possibility of damage to the hemoprotein by hydrogen peroxide(More)
It is shown that cultured Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma cells are a convenient test system for the investigation of the effects of various factors on DNA synthesis in the cells of this tumor. The application of this system markedly facilitates fractionation of a chalone-containing preparation, the purpose of this fractionation being the isolation of components(More)
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