L. Yu. Nesterova

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Activity of enzymes of polyamine synthesis and contents of their products increased in E. coli cells in response to oxidative stress caused by addition of hydrogen peroxide to an exponentially growing culture. Putrescine and spermidine added to the culture medium in physiological concentrations significantly increased expression of genes oxyR and katG(More)
The role of putrescine in the adaptive response of Escherichia coligrown aerobically in synthetic M9 medium with glucose to the H2O2-induced oxidative stress was studied. Under oxidative stress, the expression of the single-copy reporter gene fusions oxyR"::lacZand katG"::lacZwas found to undergo biphasic changes, which were most pronounced in(More)
The level of expression of oxyR, the gene that protects Escherichia coliagainst oxidative stress, was enhanced by physiological concentrations of the biogenic amine putrescine. This level was directly proportional to the degree of negative DNA supercoiling. 1,4-Diamino-2-butanone (DAB), a specific inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase, the key enzyme of(More)
Changes in the topological state of DNA occur in a starvingEscherichia coli culture under oxidative stress caused by the addition of hydrogen peroxide. The addition of a carbon and energy source to this culture results in a second stress reaction. This supports previous data indicating that different mechanisms are responsible for the cell defense against(More)
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