L. Yohanes Stefanus

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Unlike the Recursive Risch Algorithm for the integration of transcendental elementary functions, the Risch-Norman Method processes the tower of field extensions directly in one step. In addition to logarithmic and exponential field extensions, this method can handle extensions in terms of tangents. Consequently, it allows trigonometric functions to be(More)
Basis transformation plays a central role in data representations and in many problem solving techniques such as Fourier transform and wavelet transform. A pertinent basis gives pertinent information. Dual functionals are a mathematical tool for basis transformation. This work presents, from the perspective of algebraic computing, a generalization of the de(More)
Studies on type theory have brought numerous important contributions to computer science. In this paper we present a GUI-based proof tool that provides assistance in constructing deductions in type theory and validating implicational intuitionistic-logic formulas. As such, this proof tool is a testbed for learning type theory and implicational(More)
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