L. Yaroslavsky

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A method is described for automatically tracking spatial modulation of magnetization tag lines on gated cardiac images. The method differs from previously reported methods in that it uses Fourier based spatial frequency and phase information to separately track horizontal and vertical tag lines. Use of global information from the frequency spectrum of an(More)
DFT, DCT, DST and MDCT are compared in terms of their resolution power for signal Fourier spectrum analysis and energy compaction properties. For test sinusoidal signals with random frequency it was shown by computer simulation that the resolution power of the transforms is not uniform within the frequency band and that on average over the frequency range,(More)
Several modifications of the famous mathematical " Game of Life " are introduced by making " Game of Life " rules stochastic and mutual influence of cells in their 8-neighborhood on a rectangular lattice spatially non-uniform. Results are reported of experimental investigation of evolutionary dynamics of the introduced models. A number of new phenomena in(More)
In the paper, a family of methods that work in the domain of Discrete Fourier and Discrete cosine transforms and proved to be very efficient for adaptive and local adaptive image restoration and target location is reviewed and possible ways for their implementation in analog optical image processors that work with the speed of light are discussed. ©Anita(More)
Imaging systems with feedback are, generally, non-linear dynamic systems, which exhibit evolutionary pattern formation. In the paper, results of experimental investigation of pattern formation in several discrete models of such systems inspired by the famous mathematical " Game of Life " are presented and a number of new amazing phenomena in the(More)