L. Y. Zhou

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The Notch pathway is a widely studied means of intercellular signaling responsible for the determination of cell fate, cell differentiation, and boundary formation (reviewed in ). The main effectors of this pathway, Notch (N) and Delta (Dl), have been shown to function as a receptor and ligand, respectively. Genetic and phenotypic studies suggest that(More)
We use the unique circumstances that led to the Panic of 1907 to analyze its consequences for non-financial corporations. The panic was triggered by a shock to New York's trust companies that was unrelated to any major non-financial corporations affiliated with those institutions. Using newly collected data, we find that corporations with close ties to the(More)
The insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathway mediates various physiological processes associated with human health. Components of this pathway are highly conserved throughout eukaryotic evolution. In Drosophila, the PTEN ortholog and its mammalian counterpart downregulate insulin/IGF signaling by antagonizing the PI3-kinase function. From a dominant loss-of-function(More)
Adipose tissue is crucial for the maintenance of energy and metabolic homeostasis and its deregulation can lead to obesity and type II diabetes (T2D). Using gene disruption in the mouse, we discovered a function for a RhoA-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor PDZ-RhoGEF (Arhgef11) in white adipose tissue biology. While PDZ-RhoGEF was dispensable for(More)
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