L. Y. Sheng

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Phosphorene, as a novel two-dimensional material, has attracted a great interest due to its novel electronic structure. The pursuit of controlled magnetism in Phosphorene in particular has been persisting goal in this area. In this paper, an antiferromagnetic insulating state has been found in the zigzag phosphorene nanoribbons (ZPNRs) from the(More)
We show that quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect does not occur in a square lattice model due to cancellation of the intrinsic spin-orbit coupling coming from different hopping paths. However, we show that QSH effect can be induced by the presence of staggered magnetic fluxes alternating directions square by square. When the resulting Peierls phase takes a(More)
Natural ageing responses of duplex structured Mg-6%Li and Mg-6%Li-6%Zn-1.2%Y alloys have been investigated. Microstructural analyses revealed that the precipitation and coarsening process of α-Mg particles could occur in β-Li phases of both two alloys during ageing process. Since a certain amount of Mg atoms in β-Li phases were consumed for the(More)
Qiandao Lake (Xin'an Jiang reservoir) plays a significant role in drinking water supply for eastern China, and it is an attractive tourist destination. Three multivariate statistical methods were comprehensively applied to assess the spatial and temporal variations in water quality as well as potential pollution sources in Qiandao Lake. Data sets of nine(More)
We propose to realize adiabatic topological spin and valley pumping by using silicene, subject to the modulation of an in-plane ac electric field with amplitude Ey and a vertical electric field consisting of an electrostatic component and an ac component with amplitudes and . By tuning and , topological valley pumping or spin-valley pumping can be achieved.(More)
Effect of solid solution treatment (T4) on stress corrosion cracking (SCC) behavior of an as-forged Mg-6.7%Zn-1.3%Y-0.6%Zr (in wt.%) alloy has been investigated using slow strain rate tensile (SSRT) testing in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution. The results demonstrated that the SCC susceptibility index (ISCC) of as-forged samples was 0.95 and its elongation-to-failure(More)
It is widely accepted that characterizing the spatio-temporal trends of water quality parameters and identifying correlated variables with water quality are indispensable for the management and protection of water resources. In this study, cluster analysis was used to classify 56 typical drinking water reservoirs in Zhejiang Province into three groups(More)
Weyl and Dirac semimetals recently stimulate intense research activities due to their novel properties. Combining first-principles calculations and effective model analysis, we predict that nonmagnetic compounds BaYBi (Y = Au, Ag and Cu) are Dirac semimetals. As for the magnetic compound EuYBi, although the time reversal symmetry is broken, their long-range(More)
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